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News Minsk region news

Minsk region news

14 2017
Production of office paper from secondary resources will be opened at the paper factory of Goznak in Borisov on November 21 The pilot initiative is implemented on a large-scale project "Facilitating the transition of the Republic of Belarus to a green economy" ...
27 2017
Three new public service centers are opened on the territory of Minsk Oblast: in Borisov, Zhodino and Fanipol Here you can quickly solve the issues related to gas supply ...
26 2017
Solid prospects for Minsk Oblast export in 2017 Minsk Oblast boasts a foreign trade surplus by exporting more than importing ...
25 2017
In Starye Dorogi, a mechanical plant has been upgraded The products of the joint Belarusian-Ukrainian enterprise went to the customer and concurrently to the co-owner - BelAZ ...
24 2017
Free buildings in Berezino region are looking for owners They are ready to provide free of charge to create jobs, sell or lease ...
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